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  • Quick look at online mentions of the paper
  • Community-driven similar paper recommendations
  • Quick access to papers citing this work
  • AI + Community Powered Metric
  • Click to see other work from the authors
  • Convenient access to full abstract

About the prototype

Thank you for trying our prototype! We’d like to tell you about some of it’s strengths and limitations.

The Scope

For now, FuseMind works exclusively with papers held by ArXiv and PubMed. This means that we cover Biomed, Life-Sciences, Physics, Maths and CompSci. If your field isn’t on the list, request it here and we’ll add it ASAP :)

The Score

Our score is still in Beta, which means that it needs some work until it is optimal. The good news is that because it is driven by AI, it automatically improves through use and feedback.

The Coverage

Our extension works exclusively on top of Google Scholar. 89% of students and researchers use GScholar, so we think it’s a good start. One day, FuseMind will augment any mention of scholarly work, anywhere!

“Numbers without context are meaningless. FuseMind enables me to see what the community thinks about any paper, that is very interesting.”

- Bartosz, PhD candidate

FuseMind’s mission is to accelerate the discovery and creation of knowledge.

With over 50 thousand new research papers published every week, finding relevant ones is becoming increasingly challenging. Giving students and researchers the ability to efficiently find those papers that truly matter to them, we believe, is paramount to the making of a better world. With better access to better information, the great minds of our generation can create better solutions — faster.

By reducing the barriers that prevent people from discovering knowledge, we hope to inspire more and more people to become a part of the scientific process that drives the world. What gets us up in the morning is the thought of a university student in a rural & isolated region being able to discover new & important knowledge at the same rate as a Stanford or Cambridge student. We're really excited and honoured to have the opportunity to help drive the next wave of scientific discovery.

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